Vikings season 3-4 / West Francia

West Francia in the 9th century

Charles II
, also known as Charles the Bald was the King of West Francia (843-77), King of Italy (875–77) and Holy Roman Emperor (875–77, as Charles II). He’s the grandson of Charlemagne. Charles succeeded by the Treaty of Verdun (843) in acquiring the western third of the Carolingian Empire.

Charles II

Charles the Bald fought against the Vikings, who devastated the country of the north, the valleys of the Seine and Loire. At the Vikings’ successful siege and sack of Paris in 845 and several times thereafter Charles was forced to purchase their retreat at a heavy price. Charles led various expeditions against the invaders and, by the Edict of Pistres of 864, made the army more mobile by providing for a cavalry element, the predecessor of the French chivalry. He also ordered fortified bridges to be put up at all rivers to block the Viking incursions. Two of these bridges at Paris saved the city during its siege of 885–886. Continue reading “Vikings season 3-4 / West Francia”