The Duke of Mount Deer (1984) / 2) Qing Empire

Historical Figures / Qing Empire
  1. Qing Dynasty
  2. Four Regents of the Kangxi Emperor
  3. Nobles, court ministers, officials and bureaucrats
  4. Three Feudatories
  5. Mongols
  6. Tibetans
  7. Russian Empire
Historical background
  1. Revolt of the Three Feudatories

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Tsogt Taij (1945) / Mongolia in the 1630s


It is the early 17th century and the Mongol Empire has largely broken up. In fact, the Mongolian homelands have been invaded by an alliance of Manchu Chinese and Tibetans. The Tibetans are backing the Chinese with the assurance that their “Yellow Hat” sect of Buddhism will become the state religion of Mongolia. Manchurian general Ambagi Tsetsen has also enlisted the support of Mongol prince Khush Khan, who is fully on board with turning his country over to the Chinese and Tibetans.

Opposing them is Ligden Khan, king of independent Mongolia. His chief supporter is Tsogt Taij, a Mongol prince who loathes the Chinese and the Yellow Hat Buddhists and is a strong Mongolian nationalist. Tsogt’s son Arslan Taij is a warrior like his father but also has an eye for the ladies, and is distracted by a romance with princess Khulan, daughter of his father’s enemy Khush Khan. —TV Tropes Continue reading “Tsogt Taij (1945) / Mongolia in the 1630s”