The Hollow Crown: Henry VI, Part II (2016)

The Hollow Crown: Henry VI, Part 2 characters

The Hollow Crown: Henry VI 2


After the Battle of St Albans, Plantagenet and the Yorkists ride to London to claim the throne. Henry negotiates to keep the crown for his lifetime but agrees to disinherit his son Prince Edward. Margaret is outraged and attacks Plantagenet at his house, slaughtering the duke and his youngest son Edmund. Elder brothers Edward, George and Richard escape and swear to avenge the murders and destruction of their house. —Rotten Tomatoes Continue reading “The Hollow Crown: Henry VI, Part II (2016)”

The Hollow Crown: Henry VI, Part 1 (2016)

The Hollow Crown: Henry VI, Part 1 characters

The Hollow Crown: Henry VI 1


Against the backdrop of wars in France, the English nobility quarrel. News of the English defeat at Orleans reaches the duke of Gloucester and other nobles. After the funeral of Henry V, his son, the infant Henry VI, is proclaimed king. Seventeen years later, Henry sits on the throne whilst the rivalries at court continue – Plantagenet has learned of his own strong claim to the crown.–RottenTomatoes Continue reading “The Hollow Crown: Henry VI, Part 1 (2016)”

The White Princess (2017)

Plot Summary 1485-1499

Richard III has been killed in the Battle of Bosworth, and his niece Elizabeth of York  must marry the new king Henry Tudor to finally end the Wars of the Roses. Lizzie bears him a son, Arthur, but Henry’s rule remains less than secure. He imprisons young Edward “Teddy”, the son of George, Duke of Clarence in the Tower, and sends Lizzie’s mother, the Queen Dowager Elizabeth to Bermondsey Abbey.

Lizzie and Henry have a daughter, Margaret and a son, Henry. Rebellion builds as a boy claiming to be the lost Richard appears and is acknowledged by Lizzie’s aunt, Margaret of Burgundy. His claim is embraced by James IV of Scotland and other monarchs. After the death of the Dowager Queen Elizabeth, Lizzie inspires Henry’s men to fight against the pretender. Henry is ultimately triumphant. Charged as traitors, Warbeck and Teddy are executed. Continue reading “The White Princess (2017)”

The Hollow Crown: Henry IV, Part II (2012)

The Hollow Crown: Henry IV, Part II characters

The Hollow Crown: Henry IV, Part II


In the aftermath of the Battle of Shrewsbury, NORTHUMBERLAND learns of the death of his son. THE LORD CHIEF JUSTICE attempts, on behalf of the increasingly frail King, to separate FALSTAFF from PRINCE HAL. The rebels continue to plot insurrection. FALSTAFF is sent to recruit soldiers and takes his leave of his mistress, DOLL TEARSHEET. The rebel forces are overcome. This brings comfort to the dying King, who is finally reconciled to his son. FALSTAFF rushes to HAL’s coronation with expectations of high office. —PBS

Historical Background
  • Percy Rebellion (1402–1408): three attempts by the Percy family and their allies to overthrow Henry:
The Hollow Crown


The Hollow Crown: Henry IV, Part I (2012)

The Hollow Crown: Henry IV, Part I characters

The Hollow Crown: Henry IV, Part I


The heir to the throne, PRINCE HAL, defies his father, KING HENRY, by spending his time at MISTRESS QUICKLY’s tavern in the company of the dissolute FALSTAFF and his companions. The King is threatened by a rebellion led by HAL’s rival, HOTSPUR, his father NORTHUMBERLAND and his uncle WORCESTER. In the face of this danger to the state, PRINCE HAL joins his father to defeat the rebels at the BATTLE OF SHREWSBURY and kill HOTSPUR in single combat.PBS

Historical Background

The White Queen (2013) / Wars of the Roses

Story 1464 – 1485

The White Queen is a riveting portrayal of one of the most dramatic and turbulent times in English history. This epic begins in war-torn 1464 and is uniquely told through the perspective of three different, yet equally relentless women- Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville. In their quest for power, they will scheme, manipulate and seduce their way onto the English throne. —Starz

The White Queen Episode1 1464The White Queenft e1 

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I Medici Season 1 / Florence

I Medici / Medici: Masters of Florence Season 1


Set in the 15th-century Florence, the protagonist Cosimo the Elder who was elected head of the Florentine Republic in 1434. Cosimo has inherited the Bank of Medici from his father Giovanni, who has been mysteriously poisoned. Through various flashbacks (20 years prior), we are introduced to Florence at the time of Giovanni, and to his relationship with his sons Cosimo and Lorenzo. Continue reading “I Medici Season 1 / Florence”