The Hollow Crown: Henry VI, Part II (2016)

The Hollow Crown: Henry VI, Part 2 characters

The Hollow Crown: Henry VI 2


After the Battle of St Albans, Plantagenet and the Yorkists ride to London to claim the throne. Henry negotiates to keep the crown for his lifetime but agrees to disinherit his son Prince Edward. Margaret is outraged and attacks Plantagenet at his house, slaughtering the duke and his youngest son Edmund. Elder brothers Edward, George and Richard escape and swear to avenge the murders and destruction of their house. —Rotten Tomatoes

Historical timeline (1453-1471)
1453 King Henry VI suffered a mental breakdown; Edward, was born to King Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou.
King Henry’s son, Edward, was created Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester.
Somerset was killed; Henry VI was captured.
1456 Henry resumed personal rule supported by Queen Margaret.
1459 Battle of Blore Heath
Rout of Ludlow
Richard of York fled to Ireland.
Henry VI was captured; Margaret of Anjou and Prince Edward fled to Harlech Castle.
Act of Accord
Richard Duke of York, was named successor to the throne over Henry VI’s son, Edward.
Battle of Wakefield
Richard of York was killed.
1461 Battle of Mortimer’s Cross
The Yorkist army defeated a Lancastrian force.
Second Battle of St Albans
The Yorkists were defeated; Henry VI returned to Lancastrian hands.
Battle of Towton
The Lanastrians were defeated; Henry VI, Margaret of Anjou and Prince Edward fled to Scotland.
Edward of March crowned King Edward IV; Edward IV created his brother, Richard, Duke of Gloucester.
Margaret of Anjou invaded England with French troops and with the support of northern nobles.
1464 Edward IV married Elizabeth Woodville.
A daughter, Elizabeth, was born to Edward and Elizabeth.
Battle of Edgecote Moor
Henry VI returns to power.
Battle of Losecoat Field
Warwick and George Duke of Clarence rebelled against Edward IV but were defeated; Warwick made an alliance with Margaret of Anjou; Warwick’s daughter, Anne, married Prince Edward.
A son, Edward, was born to Edward and Elizabeth Woodville; Warwick made an alliance with Margaret of Anjou; Warwick’s daughter, Anne, married Prince Edward.
George Duke of Clarence defected from Warwick and joined his brother, Edward IV.
1471 Battle of Barnet
Warwick was killed.
The Lancastrians were defeated; Edward, Prince of Wales, was killed; Margaret of Anjou was captured.
Edward IV returned triumphant to London; Henry VI was murdered in the Tower of London; Margaret of Anjou was placed under house arrest.

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