The Last Kingdom Season1 / Anglo-Saxon England


England, 872. A Saxon man, raised by Danes, must choose a side and play his part in the birth of a nation, alongside the man who would become known as King Alfred the Great.  –BBC TWO

Historical Background 

Great Heathen Army  In 865, the Viking Great Heathen Army launched a large scale invasion of the small kingdom of East Anglia. They overran East Anglia, Mercia and Northumbria and came close to controlling most of Anglo-Saxon England. By 871 they had reached London and they are believed to have camped within the old Roman walls during the winter of that year. Although it is unclear what happened during this time, London may have come under Viking control for a period.

Battle of Edington in 878. The Viking leader Guthrum was baptised and accepted Alfred as his adoptive father. Guthrum agreed to leave Wessex.

The Treaty of Alfred and Guthrum (The Peace of Wedmor) is an agreement between Alfred of Wessex and Guthrum, the Viking ruler of East Anglia. Its date is uncertain, but must have been between 878 and 890.It divided England and created the Danish controlled Danelaw.